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Affordable Commercial and Residential cleaning services for Chicago and ALL Suburbs


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Commercial Cleaning rate starts from $19.50/h. (in same cases the $19.50 rate could be even lower )

Residential Cleaning: We offer to our customers very competitive prices. Here are some examples*:

One bedroom APARTMENT starts form: $54. Two bedroom apt. starts form: $64. 

One bedroom TOWNHOUSE starts from: $59. Two bedroom twh. starts from: $64. 

Two bedroom HOUSE starts from: $64. Three bedroom house starts from: $72

*for all rates listed above cleaning supplies are not included. Residential cleaning with our supplies cost $4 more. Commercial cleaning supplies are quoted individually ( green/ / eco cleaning supplies starts from$9.50 ) 

We serve Chicago + all suburbs, our rate starts from: $19.50 / h! click here to fill out the quick contact form